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At Lewis & Clark Brewing we are excited to support the efforts of local non-profit organizations. We regularly donate to non-profit organizations in the form of gift baskets that typically include, a T-shirt or hat along with pint glasses, a growler, and a gift card for a free fill (normally a retail value of approx. $50). These are used at Silent Auctions and other charity events to help raise money for a specific non-profit organization or cause.

We limit these gift baskets to 4 per month as we are a small family-owned business and as much as we love to give, we have to budget our giving as we are running a business.

The further out you request a gift basket the better chance you have of getting one. Stopping by on the way to an event or the day before an event (even if we have given to your organization in the past) will most likely result in your disappointment as the gift baskets allocated for that month may have already been distributed.

To manage our inventory please pick up your gift basket within a month of submitting the request. 

Gift Basket Request 

Thanks for submitting!

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