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We have 1/6 (5.2 gal /41 pints) barrel kegs available for rent!

$80-$85 depending on type of beer. 

If you are thinking about renting a keg we need a minimum of a week’s notice, so fill out the keg rental form as soon as possible! We will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

Deposits/ Payment: 

Upfront credit card deposits are required for all kegs and equipment. The keg deposit is $50 per keg. You will receive your deposit back from Lewis & Clark within two-four business days after all equipment is returned in proper working condition. Deposits can only be returned to the purchaser. If the keg and equipment are not returned within 30 days deposits will be forfeited. 

All deposits must be paid through debit or credit cards. If you do not have a keg pump, we have pumps available to rent for $20 ($50 refundable deposit also required).

Pickup Times: 

What time do you plan on picking up your keg at the Lewis & Clark Room? We will have it ready for you.

Please also note that a full keg is not light and weighs over 50 lbs, so when you are coming to pick up your keg please make appropriate accommodations for loading and unloading the keg.

Important Information: 

When picking up the keg you must provide a valid photo ID and fill/ sign out a keg information sheet, which is required by the state of MT. Any additional persons present while picking up the keg must also provide a valid photo ID. All persons must be 21 years of age or older in order to purchase a keg.

When you sign for a keg, you accept all of the responsibility for the keg and its equipment. Any damages to the keg, and any other rented equipment you are responsible for. 

Attached to the keg is a TAG with the Lewis & Clark Tap Room’s information on it. This tag should not be removed from the keg under any circumstances. The tag is required by the state of Montana, and if removed you can be fined. 

Cancelation Policy: 

Any cancelations must be made three days prior to pick up in order to receive payment back. 



Get in touch by filling out the form. We’ll respond as soon we can.

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