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  • Size: 25’ x 15’ (carpeted)

  • Construction: Poured concrete

  • Electrical: Four dedicated 20amp 110volt circuits built into stage

Sound System:

  • Mains: Four box hang per side Nexo Geo-Series M10 line array

  • Subs: Two Nexo Geo-Series MSUB18 (center clustered under stage)

  • Mezzanine fills: Six Nexo ID24

  • System processor: Yamaha MTX3 (handles room EQ, routing, and time alignment — (L/R/S/F drive lines available for guest consoles)

  • Monitors: Five FBT StageMaxX 12Ma Stage Monitors

  • Mixer:  Allen&Heath SQ6 with AR2412 stagebox (upstage right)

  • Network: Dedicated wireless vlan for stage operations. Four Ethercon-terminated Cat6 STP network cables run between FOH and stage (available for guest consoles)



  • ETC (4) CSSPOTJR2550 ColorSource Jr Zoom (frontlighting)

  • ETC ETC ColorSource PAR (backlighting)

  • Elation (2) FUZ406 Fuze SFX Moving Head LED Spot

  • ETC ColorSource 20AV lighting console

STAGE IS 15′ X 25′


We just completed an extensive remodel in the Tap Room that included:

  • Removing a wall and adding on to our mezzanine to increase the capacity for live music now allowing for 500 occupancy

  • A new much larger solid concrete stage with concrete bunkers for the 18” subs underneath

  • A new $100K PA and light system

  • Over $20k invested in sound treatments

  • Over $5k invested in commercial air purification, designed to filter all the air in the Tap Room every 15 minutes. This includes HEPA13 filtration capturing 99.9% of particles down to .1 microns, with the addition of UV light for additional protection.

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